Requesting Your Library Acquire an Ebook

Requesting that your local library add an ebook to their catalogue can be as easy as running a regular ebook title search on their website and clicking Request/Recommend. 

  • Go online to your library website. 
  • Look under the Catalogue section or look for an Overdrive/Libby Library link. Your library may have other names for this. Basically, you’re looking for the online ebook catalogue. 
  • Search for the book. If it shows up as Available or Waiting, awesome! Your library already has the book in its catalogue. Check it out if you want to read it! Checking books out shows the library that they’re being used and encourages them to continue to stock the title.
  • If it does not show up, look in the search settings, possibly in the left sidebar, and see Recommendations. (At least that’s what my local library calls it). This allows you to search books that Overdrive or other library ebook suppliers offer, but aren’t yet available to the local library because they haven’t been procured by your particular library system. 
  • Click on the book once you find it and request.