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The first 3 books in the Adelaide Series have been released and are available for purchase or to be requested via Overdrive through your local library.

The Adelaide series is also available on Amazon (all regions), Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Nobles, and as many other ebook stores as I can get to.

Books 4-6 of the Adelaide Series will be released over the course of 2020 and 2021.

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Adelaide and the Dragon Castle

Faced with marrying a wife-killing lord…

…Adelaide knows only one escape. But taking her brother’s place comes with a price.

When the unskilled Adelaide is summoned to the king’s court to serve as a page, the weapon’s master’s fury soon finds her. Wanting her to fail, he sets her out on a quest to slay the dragon that’s threatened the court’s reputation for far too long.

Afraid of being discovered as a girl, Adelaide rides for the Dragon’s Castle. But what lies beyond the gates is so much more than fire and scales. It could mean the ultimate freedom…

…if only she faces her demons.

Available Now. Go HERE to select your store.

Adelaide and the Pirates

With stability just barely under her feet, Adelaide hopes for peace after the events of Adelaide and the Dragon Castle. Alas, it’s not to be. Asked by someone she can’t refuse, she travels south with her cat, Kitty. The lid is already boiling on the proverbial pot of the southern sea islands, ready to splash an anyone naive enough to stumble in its way.  

Can Adelaide use her wits to navigate the web of intrigue or will the sharp side of her tongue get her and Kitty killed? With drunk wizards, angry pirates, and the looming threat of an expanding city state, Adelaide needs every bit of skill that she’s picked up. Failure to negotiate her way through means abandonment or death. Success will come at her own hands. Salvation is coming for no one. 

Join Adelaide as she hangs on to her cat and her determination in this second installment of this YA fantasy series by Mustang Rabbit. Grab your copy today! 

Available Now. Go HERE to select your store.

Adelaide and the Merfolk

Something is in the water. Watching. Bu sparks are flying on land. Exploring the unseen threat isn’t something Adelaide is prepared to do. Until it comes for her. When gods, pirates, and the unknown conspire to collide, resistance is futile. 

Or is it? 

Join Adelaide on this third adventure as she lies, connives, and consoles her way through powerful allies and enemies.

Grab your copy today! 

Available Now. Go HERE to select your store.

The Author:

Mustang Rabbit is afraid of spiders, especially Wolf spiders. Bad things happen when she gets bit. As a queer writer, she wants everyone to be able to find themselves in books they can enjoy. She has lived in Chicago, California, Ohio, Japan, South Korea, and China. Her motto is to live by the doctrine of no regrets. Many of the situations in her books have been inspired by life. Including the rats. She got to know her life partner by walking 23 and a 1/2 miles with them. Unplanned. Without food. Because obviously that’s how you find out if you’re compatible.

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